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How does it work?

Expel intestinal gas

Break wind at banquets with FartChat anytime. anywhere.

Take a picture of your fart

Grab your mobile device and snap a picture of your fart with FartChat. Hurry up, you don't have much time!

Apply various filters

Take an artsy picture of your fart and slap a bit of “Walden” onto it! You get 15 filters to pick from.

Send it to your friends

Share a picture with your friends and family! Spread the fun.

A fart picture dissapears

Friends will view it, laugh, and then the fart disappears from the screen.

Send your farts back

Communication is a key. Make sure you FartChat back ;)

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App works with all mobile devices

What do people say about FartChat

Matthew Potter

I love the app and new things added to it . I just don't like that it won't play with volume even when in silent mode ..

William Grewal

Im really liking this app. But one problem I'm having is... it's not focusing correctly. Even when I press the focus button...

Robert Doe

Overall it performs pretty well, and you guys are probably already aware of these, but there's some things that need to be added to improve it: front facing camera, video/audio sync, turn off autoplay

Israel Collazo

When I first started with fartchat it was working fine. Till after the recent update, I rarely am able to open fart pictures and I sometimes get the "camera not working" sign and then my camera eventually stops working for the entire day.

Buy our company for 3 billion dollars

Dear Facebook, we will be very happy to accept your offer.

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